ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGIES GROUP: The Best in System and Customer Service and Support

ATG is a service, maintenance and contract provider for laboratory research products. Our focus is the customer first, enabling and ensuring their success. We repair and maintain the Full Line of AKTA™ products, Molecular Devices Plate Readers and Contichrom FPLC Systems. ATG provides unparalleled customer service, unsurpassed quality and a collaborative focus on our customers that makes us part of your team, not just a service provider.
We invite you to compare our performance to that of the Original Manufacturer and you will find there is no comparison.

Customer Service Representative

  • We provide more than service, We Partner with Clients to Ensure Success 
  • ATG Services Systems AND Customers for Optimal Results 

ATG’s customer care goes beyond servicing instruments to supporting our customers. We are driven to keep our customers’ systems running and their labs productive. As a partner, vested in your success, we define going “above and beyond” the service needed to provide what you need to be successful. 


  • Highly Trained, Specialized Technicians Deliver Unparalleled Service 
  • More Efficient and Effective Service than the Equipment Manufacturer 

Our service engineers have decades of experience and training, making them THE MOST effective at repairing and maintaining our customers’ systems. Our focus on systems at which we are expert, combined with the team’s extensive knowledge, enables us to rapidly diagnose and adroitly repair your instruments to maximize your productivity and achieve your objectives.

AKTA Prep with Customer

  • Protecting Your Productivity: Downtime is NOT an option
  • Rapid Response and Turn-Around: No Red Tape

We understand that long waits and lengthy repairs impact your lab’s effectiveness. With our rapid response and effective service, we protect your productivity.

  • Your needs are our priority. We will customize service plans to meet those needs.
  • High Value: We offer the BEST SERVICE at the BEST PRICE

Equipment Manufacturers offer “One-size-fits-all” service plans. We treat our customers like people, like colleagues who need our help for their success, offering service plans that fit their unique needs. Whether our customers have a need for standard or custom service plans we create programs to meet their requirements. Effectiveness, quality and productivity matter; but so does cost. Budgets are limited so we deliver our best-in-the-industry service at the BEST PRICE. How do we do it? Contact us and we’ll tell you more.