Our Expertise

Our approach to service is to be expert at what we do and what we work on so we focus on a limited line of products and excel at servicing them. With the diversity of analytical and lab equipment on the market, no organization can be great at all of them. We strive, and succeed, at being the best at servicing the instruments on which we focus.

Service Partners

ATG has forged many partnerships with OEM’s, Equipment Brokers , Service Providers, and Asset Management Organizations. In addition to repair and maintenance programs we offer Instrument Compliance testing and maintenance for customers who manufacture, process, hold and distribute drugs, medical devices, etc. Contact Us to explore how our technical resources can support your organization’s  service initiatives and revenue goals.

At Analytical Technologies Group, our focus is keeping your equipment, new or old, in top-running condition. All of our plans promote healthy operation of your equipment, ensuring the quality of your results, prolonging the life of your system, and minimizing downtime and revenue loss. We've designed plans to meet a wide range of budgets and uptime requirements for every lab, including trade-in options, a depot repair option and other specialty services. At the core of our offerings is our Preventative Maintenance Service since prevention is always better than the cure and more cost effective than expensive ad hoc repairs.

Our Service Commitment

Downtime is not an Option” is not just a slogan, we stand behind those words. Our specialty niche and focus is designed to deliver on our company mission of 100% customer satisfaction.  To achieve that goal, we are committed to having all resources available to respond to our customers' service needs.

Knowledgeable professionals are on call and ready to provide the solution to your equipment and instrument problems armed with an inventory of parts to expedite service without delays.

Whether you are considering a contract plan or a time & material service visit, call today to speak to a service representative who can assist with a quotation and  a plan to meet your lab instrument service needs in a timely, expert and cost-effective manner.  Excellence in Service is our # 1 Goal.