ATG’s approach to exceeding customers’ expectations is based on QUALITY. All aspects of the company’s instrument maintenance and support services are based on that single principle and a focused commitment to that principle.

  • Customer Care Quality: Commitment to making certain that every customer interaction with ATG is pleasant and professional
  • Instrument Service Quality: Ensuring that every instrument is serviced properly and thoroughly
  • Turn-Around/Response Time Quality: Meeting customer needs for rapid response and timely instrument repairs
  • Personnel Quality: Our service persons have decades of experience, knowledge and expertise
  • Value Quality: Providing Superior Service to that of the manufacturer at a lower price equals higher value

AKTA PureMore than a provider of service and support, ATG partners with our customers to ensure their success. Vested in solving our customers’ problems, we care as much about getting their systems running as they do. We take what our customers call “old-school service” as a compliment. It means we care and live up to our commitments. We provide them with extraordinary customer care; everything we do is in their best interest. If we can fix a part, we won’t replace it. When we have to go the extra mile to fix an instrument we will not charge extra. Our customers cite our high level of integrity, our reliability and that they can trust us to do the right thing each and every time as some of the reasons we are their preferred service provider. We pride ourselves in being partners in our customers’ success.

  • Committed to solving customers’ needs rapidly and professionally to ensure their success
  • Integrity in how we do business builds trust that we will do the right thing in the way that will best meet our customers’ needs
  • Reliable service and frequent communications ensure that customers know the status of their repairs so they can plan their work accordingly

HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE: Expert Repair and Maintenance Based on Decades of Experience
AKTA CustomerIn order to provide the best service that the industry has to offer, we specialize on select instruments to be highly expert in servicing those systems. Our focus is on plate readers from Molecular Devices, the full line of Contichrom® systems from ChromaCon and the full line of AKTATM systems from GE Healthcare. This focus, and the experience of our personnel, gives us in-depth knowledge of the systems enabling us to service them as well as anyone, including the manufacturer. Our technicians have strong science backgrounds, lab experience and/or technical expertise that comes from hands-on experience and training provided by system experts. That acumen and experience enables them to quickly diagnose the cause of a problem, troubleshoot, determine how best to repair it and do so effectively. We will do whatever is needed to fix your instruments and make sure they remain productive by rapidly getting them back up and running with minimal down time.

  • Extensive experience and focus enables ATG to deliver the best possible service for our customers’ systems
  • Well-defined service process and instrument expertise ensures rapid and successful instrument repair
  • Consistent, Reliable and Effective repairs , minimizes down time enhancing customers’ productivity and success

RAPID RESPONSE: Keeping Your Productivity High At ATG we understand urgency.
Repair TechWhen your instruments are in need of repair your productivity drops and your deadlines are in jeopardy so you need help quickly. You can’t wait weeks for the manufacturer to send a service person. We respond to your urgent need rapidly, with personal service and urgency. Your call for help will be answered by someone who will try to immediately assist you. No red tape, no waiting for the next available agent and no Voice Mails to a large conglomerate, leaving you waiting for days while your deadlines approach. Our expert service persons will begin to promptly diagnose and troubleshoot your problem and will be on-site (within 1-2 days) fixing your problem weeks earlier than the manufacturer, helping you to meet your important deadlines.

  • Helping you maintain high productivity through fast, real-time response to your problem
  • Swift on-site service to trouble-shoot, repair and maintain your systems
  • Rapid turn-around-time and high responsiveness keep your productivity high and your work on-schedule

BobOur customer support is highly personalized; you are a colleague, not just a customer. We know our customers on a first-name basis and they know their service technicians personally because they work together consistently. If you need ATG you will be dealing with people who know you, know your lab and know your needs. We are customer-success-focused; we take your success personally. As your partner and provider we will do whatever it takes, morning or night to solve your problem and keep you running.


  • Highly Personalized Service: Customer relationships are personal and professional
  • We understand and value every customer and work for their success
  • Available when you need us, how you need us; your colleague in solving your problems.


VALUE: We Provide Superior Highly Cost-Effective Service As experienced service providers to the Life Science industry we know you need the best possible service but budgets are limited. ATG provides gold-standard service at prices that are substantially more affordable than those of the instrument manufacturer. We ensure that you get the best possible repair without spending money needlessly; we find the best AND the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

  • Superior and Highly Cost-Effective Service and Maintenance: Pricing that is affordable, service that is unsurpassed
  • We work to meet your service and repair needs while meeting your budget limitations
  • Prices up to 40% below the instrument manufacturer: You CAN have the best service at the best price.